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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spy Mobile Phone Software For Nokia in Delhi India

Nokia is a leading brand in mobile phone market. Many of us use Nokia phones in our daily life. And are known about the features and functionality about our phone. We can add little more fun and high security to your Nokia phone by installing our spy software for Nokia phone.
Listen to your partners phone calls as they happen. A call intercept is the ability to listen in to live calls happening on the target device. You can receive a secret SMS alert whenever your list of specific numbers are in contact with the Target, or you can choose to be alerted for all connecting calls. You then call the Target mobile and are added to the call.
The software can be restarted at any time by sending the reboot command from the PDN (Pre Defined Number). If this feature is applicable to your package, by sending the Reboot command will help stabilize the software should it encounter any problem.
When an incoming or outgoing call is dialed or received by the target phone you will instantly and automatically receive a ‘real time’ text notification alert to the pre-defined number. TheText Alert will show the full phone number of who is calling them or the full phone number they are dialing out.
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